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Buildergirl Design & Construction - Tina M Humphrey. Efficiently Build-Uniquely

The Woman behind Buildergirl Design and Construction

Tina Marie Humphrey has been a designer since 1986, a licensed General Contractor since 1989 and a resident of the California coast since 1961. She is the ultimate buildergirl and designs, builds and/or remodels 3-4 homes each year. 

Buildergirl Design and Construction can handle all aspects of planning and designing, including the permit processing and can even help in obtaining the right financing. During the construction, consideration is made for trees, neighbors, all materials and fixtures, with no details left unfinished... right through a polishing clean and sometimes even a little help on 'move in day'.

Tina encourages prospective home builders to contact former clients, personal references and local tradesmen to gain a broader perspective of her style and reputation. 

Tina is a mother to three wonderful women and two beautiful granddaughters. 

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